Since the beginning of the pandemic, the world has become increasingly digital. Work meetings, parties with friends, hobbies, studies… Almost everything is done online. On the other hand, the growth of the digital medium can bring dangers, such as the sophistication of cybercrime, which has increased 300% since the beginning of isolation, according to a Kaspersky survey.

A survey carried out by the consulting firm Marsh, at the request of Microsoft, indicates that even with the increase in hacker attacks, only 16% of Brazilian companies have strengthened their information security systems.

According to the study, the main threats in the country during the pandemic are, in order: phishing, malware, attacks on web and mobile applications, information leakage and denial of service. The attacks that have increased the most in recent months have been social engineering (phishing), viruses or ransomware, and attacks on computer applications.

The big reason for the growth of cybercrime, according to the survey, was the adoption of remote work without the necessary care. More than 70% of companies stated that employees are working with personal devices.

hacker attacks
(Image: Marsh/Reproduction)

How to protect yourself?

There are some measures to ensure more security while surfing online. Among them are: adoption of secure password management solutions, such as “password vaults”; use of platforms that filter and verify links in emails; to fortify the use of VPNs, seeking more modern and reliable solutions; and adopt cloud services with native security tools. In addition, it is essential that companies have a specialized team and invest in tools aimed at scanning threats.

Microsoft, which has several services aimed at ensuring more security to the user on the web, launched the “Security Adventure” challenge for you to find out if you would make the best decisions when it comes to online security. Access here.